An Opportune Moment to Note a Thing re: Baen Books


Oh, look: A stack of new Baen books arrived at the Scalzi Compound, not 45 minutes ago. Here they all are (not shown: the nice Balance Point mug that was also in the package). This makes it a lovely time to address something that people have been asking me privately, which is whether my recent critique of the Baen publisher’s post on fandom means that I have somehow declared battle with an entire publishing house and all its authors, etc.

Short answer: No. Longer answer: Really, no. And here’s why:

1. I think Ms. Weisskopf’s posting was ill-advised for a number of reasons, which I don’t need to address again here. But we all show our ass on the Internet; indeed, future historians may come to define the Internet as “a global electronic communications network, tuned for the showing of ass.” It’s a thing that happens. I’ve done it myself…

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